Our carpet cleaning service

Our process:

  1. First we vacuum with a high filtration cleaning system.
  2. We will move larger furnishings but for insurance reasons, we ask you to move smaller, valuable items such as ornaments, before we arrive.
  3. Next we will apply a heavy-duty pre-spray designed to lift oily dirt and pollutants from your carpet fibres.
  4. We use agitation machines to scrub the cleaning solutions deep into the carpet, emulsifying the dirt.
  5. We will pre-spot your carpet for all difficult stains. Then we will carry out specialist stain removal techniques.
  6. The high pressure, hot water extraction unit blasts hot water. At the same time, the machine produces a powerful vacuum to draw the dirt and solutions from the carpet. We use the extraction machine to ensure a residue-free rinse that helps to stop re-soiling.
  7. Stain protection is now applied if applicable.
  8. Furniture is replaced. Protective tabs or Styrofoam blocks are used, where appropriate.
  9. We run a grooming rake over the carpet to ensure the fibres are tangle-free and as ‘fluffy’ as possible.
  10. Finally, we use special carpet dryers to assist the drying process.

Carpets, it’s not just about appearance!
You choose to have carpets in your home for a number of reasons: they’re strong, long-lasting, add colour, eliminate impact noise and absorb sound, reduce heat-loss, are non-slip and feel soft and luxurious. What you may not realise is that as well as adding beauty to your home, carpeting helps to keep your family safe by acting as a filter for allergy-inducing dust mites and other micro-irritants.

Why choose our company to clean your carpets? Unlike other Carpet Cleaning Devon based companies we offer a comprehensive, no-obligation, free evaluation of your cleaning requirements. We are so confident about the quality of our service; we will guarantee you won’t have to pay if you’re not completely satisfied. No other Carpet Cleaning Devon based business offer so much piece of mind. We have an on-going training programme for all our operatives to ensure we use the most effective and safest methods.

We are an IICRC registered company & we are members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association. Our cleaning processes and products are safe for pets, babies and allergy sufferers and will not damage wool or any other delicate fabrics. We are confident we are the very best Carpet Cleaning Devon based company and are sure you’ll agree.

As well as Carpet Cleaning Torquay, Plymouth, Newton Abbot and surrounding areas, we can also give you a free evaluation of your upholstery needs and we’ll tell you the best approach and why. Best of all, you’ll know up front what we can do so there are no surprises – you’ll have the most beautifully cleaned upholstery...or it’s free.

This is how we achieve the best results and some things to consider about upholstery fabrics:

Upholstery comes in various types of fabric and it’s important that we determine what type it is so we can clean it properly. We will always give you advice based in the safest method of cleaning the fabric in the most thorough way. If it involves a combination of methods to minimise any risks to the fabric, we will not charge any extra. We can also apply fabric protector to your upholstery after cleaning to maximise its lifespan and keep it looking cleaner for longer!

For this service and Carpet Cleaning Torquay and all over Devon, please contact us on 0800 8600 859.

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